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November 18th 2020

DICE is the first event for the automotive industry focusing on the latest startup innovations of the in-car experience.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the incredible event. Stay tuned for our next events!







Nilesh Auti
Digital Officer & Global Head @Tech Mahindra (India)
Jeff Ferman
Head of Auto Skills @Alexa Auto, Amazon (US)
Paola Garzonio
Technology Scouting & Partnerships @FCA
Uri Pachter
Managing Director @Faurecia Security Technologies (Israel)
João Barros
CEO @Veniam (Portugal)
Michael Schon
Innovation @Volvo Car Corporation (Sweden)
Yaron Flint
Director - Innovation, strategy and operations @Continental (Israel)
Jeremy Lustman
Partner and Head of Country Group @DLA Piper (Israel)
Iain Levy
Global Business Unit Director - Interior Sensing @Aptiv (UK)
Christophe Cazes
Group Innovation Director @Novares (France)
Ian Kendall
Head of Infotainment, Connected Car & UX @Italdesign (Italy)
Nitsan Avivi
Tech scout @Konnect VW Group Innovation Hub (Israel)
Andreas Form
Partner & Managing Director @Kearney
Michael M. Rosen
IP, Tech & Commercial Litigator @Kobre Kim (US)
Michael Frenkel
Technology Researcher @BMW (Israel)
Naomi Maryles
Director of Business Development @DLA Piper (Israel)
Craig Conkling
Business Development Manager @Alpine
Ryan Mahon
Portfolio Manager @Ibex Investors
Nils Lenke
@Cerence Inc.
Walter Pijls
Supervisor Innovation Management @Ford
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*Israel Standart time (GMT +2)




14:30 - 15:00

Virtual Networking - login early to meet other attendees!

15:00 - 15:15

Opening remarks

Ed Frank, CEO @ Axis Innovation

The revolution of the In-Car Experience by Jason Weiss, COO @ Axis Innovation


15:15 - 16:15

Axis Challenge 1 – Apps & Experiences

The car is no longer just for taking people from point A to B, it is evolving to provide new services and value to drivers and passengers. How will we make use of our time in the car in a more efficient, productive, and enjoyable way? What are the apps and software solutions creating greater personalization and integration of the car into our daily lives? Panelists will share their insights, then selected startups will pitch to the panel, followed by Q and A.

Moderator: Jeremy Lustman, Partner & Head of Country Group @ DLA Piper


  • Michael Schon, Strategy & Innovation @ Volvo Cars (Sweden) 

  • Jeff Ferman, Head of Auto Skills @ Amazon (USA) 

  • Craig Conkling, Business Development Manager OEM Group @ Alpine (USA) 

  • Nils Lenke, VP and GM APPs BU @ Cerence (Germany)

  • Walter Pijls, Supervisor Innovation Management @ Ford (Holland) 


16:15 - 16:30

Keynote Speaker

João Barros, Founder & CEO @Veniam

Building the intelligent networking platform for connected and autonomous vehicles. 


16:30 - 17:30

Axis Challenge 2 – Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) 

For nearly 100 years we used basic switches and dials to interact with the car. Today, advanced HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) combined with artificial intelligence and computer vision offer a better user experience and greater safety. Biometrics, voice, touch, smell, and augmented reality are some of the breakthrough technologies changing the driving experience. What are some of the major trends in HMI in the coming years? How can startups partner with OEM’s and Tier 1’s to create new value? Panelists will share their insights, then selected startups will pitch to the panel, followed by Q and A.

Moderator: Michael Rosen, IP, Tech, & Commercial Litigator @ Kobre Kim (US)


  • Ian Kendall, Head of Infotainment, connected car, and user experience @ Italdesign (Italy)

  • Christopher Cazes, Group Innovation Director @ Novares (France)

  • Uri Pachter, Managing Director @ Faurecia (Israel)

  • Michael Frenkel, Technology Researcher @ BMW (Israel)

  • Ryan Mahon, Portfolio Manager @ Ibex Investors (USA)


17:30 - 18:30

Axis Challenge 3 – In-Cabin Monitoring & Data

Real time solutions to monitor drivers and passengers is critical to safety, legal regulation, and new services. How are the major automotive and technology companies addressing these critical areas? What startup solutions are providing the future of in-cabin monitoring? How can car data be used in an effective and secure way? Panelists will share their insights, then selected startups will pitch to the panel, followed by Q and A.

Moderator: Jason Weiss, COO & Dealflow Manager @ Axis Innovation (Israel) 


  • Yaron Flint, Director - Innovation, Strategy, and Operations @ Continental (Israel)

  • Nitsan Avivi, Tech Scout @ Konnect VW Group Innovation Hub (Israel) 

  • Nilesh Auti, Digital Officer & Global Head of Manufacturing @ Tech Mahindra (India) 

  • Iain Levy, Global Business Unit Director - Interior Sensing @ Aptiv (UK) 

  • Paola Antonella Garzonio, Technology Scouting & Partnerships @ FCA (Italy) 


18:30 - 19:00

Closing Remarks, break into 1-1 meetings. 



Through our virtual platform, leading automotive OEM’s, Tier 1’s, and technology players will connect with cutting edge startups through pitch sessions, keynote presentations, panel discussions, and one and one meetings. Axis DICE is a must-attend opportunity for startup or corporate innovators building the future in-car experience and eager for networking, business development, and investment opportunities. 

...and more attending!


The automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic period of change, and the in-car experience is becoming one of the most important areas of disruption and opportunity. While electric and autonomous technology will change how we drive (or are driven), in-car technologies will change what we do in the car. What we do - through both software and hardware innovation - is revolutionizing how we interact with the car and how we’ll spend our time in the vehicle. Moreover, it represents a massive business opportunity - connected services will be worth an estimated $81 billion by 2030.  As a result of these trends, automotive OEMs and technology providers are actively looking to startups to innovate the in-car experience and create new partnerships. 




Over 500 startups in Europe and Israel provide new technology and business solutions for the in-car experience. From in-car entertainment, payments, health, productivity, navigation, gaming, and more, drivers and passengers are benefiting from new capabilities with the connected car. This event will bring together both sides - automotive corporations and startups - to exchange ideas, discuss future challenges, and network together.


The In-Car Experience is one of the core focuses of Axis Innovation. For the past 8 years, we’ve served as innovation consultants for major automotive OEM companies, scouted over 3,000 automotive startups in Israel and Europe, advised dozens of automotive startups on business development and fundraising, and wrote the industry leading “In-Car Experience” Report in January 2020. 

Additionally, we are experts in conference management and producing virtual events. We’ve organized over 60 in person events in 20 countries for more than 10,000 participants, and in 2020 organized 10 webinars and virtual events with over 3,000 attendees. We understand how to make effective conferences (in-person or virtual) where quality is our first priority and creating new business connections and networking opportunities that you don’t get at other events. 




• Limited to 200 attendees
• International keynote speakers and roundtable discussions on the latest industry trends, challenges and opportunities
• 20+ leading OEM and Tier 1 executives responsible for innovation, UI/UX, HMI, Infotainment, and startup partnerships.
• 15 curated and coached startups pitching their innovations to corporate panelists, followed by Q and A sessions
• One on one meeting platform and random networking
• Sponsorship opportunities



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