Are you an Israeli or European startup providing a B2B or B2B2C solution relevant for automotive industry? Please apply here to present at one of the Challenge Sessions. For companies accepted, there is a 200 NIS registration fee.

Applications officially closed now, but we're always open to review. Please email company presentation to


  • Challenge 1: Apps & Experiences
    The car is no longer just for taking people from point A to B, it is evolving to provide new services and value to drivers and passengers. From podcasts to productivity tools to in-car payments, how will we make use of our time in the car? What are the apps and software solutions creating greater personalization and integration of the car into our daily lives? 

  • Challenge 2: HMI & Driving Tools
    For nearly 100 years we used basic switches and dials to interact with the car. Today, advanced HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) combined with artificial intelligence and computer vision offer a better user experience and greater safety. Biometrics, voice, touch, gesture and AR (Augmented Reality) are some of the breakthrough technologies changing the driving experience. What are some of the major trends in HMI in the coming years?

  • Challenge 3: Driver & Passenger Monitoring
    Real time data about drivers and passengers is critical for health, safety, and new types of services. How are the major automotive and technology companies addressing these critical areas? What startup solutions are providing the future of in-cabin monitoring? Panelists will share their insights, then selected Israeli startups will pitch their startup to the panel, followed by Q and A.



  • Present on virtual stage at the Axis DICE event to curated audience and receive feedback and questions from panel

  • Company one pager in Startup booklet, shared with all attendees at the event and others internationally

  • Receive 1-1 pre-event coaching on company presentation 

  • Special access to virtual networking and 1-1 meeting platform prior to event

  • Join the Axis Innovation network for future events, meetings with other relevant investors, and more